Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sue Raney alert

Happy to learn from jazz singer Sue Raney that she will be making a rare local L.A. appearance next Wednesday, October 26th, at Herb Alpert's spectacular Bel Air boite, Vibrato. According to their web site, Sue will be performing from 9 pm to closing (their web site says 6 pm but that is incorrect), and will be accompanied by Alan Broadbent, piano; Pat Senatore, bass; and the redoubtable Kendall Kay on drums.

These days, Sue, who is soon to go into the studio to record a new CD (two maybe?), mostly appears in symphonic pops concerts, so this date offers an increasingly rare opportunity to hear her in this type of intimate environment. I saw her a year or so ago in concert in Thousand Oaks, CA and she brought new meaning to the phrase "Time has stood still" except for the part about her artistry, which still continues to evolve.

Vibrato is located at 2930 Beverly Glen Circle in Bel Air. Tends to be a tad pricey, but the food and service are great and so is the caliber of performers, which in the recent past has included Dave Frishberg, Michel Legrand, Toots Thielemans, Pinky Winters, Bob Florence, and, well, I guess you get the picture.

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perry said...

Hey Bill, I am visiting LA from NJ and heard that Sue Raney performs in the area. Can you tell me where?



Anonymous said...

Hi Bill: I'm spending the afternoon cleaning our house and listening to Sue Raney's "Quietly There" cd. What a great collection of songs, singing, and musicians! Will she be singing anywhere for the public the rest of 2006? Thanks!

Skye Cantrell said...

Hi Bill--
I am a former student of Sue's and oh boy did she make an impression on me- I met her at Groves in the middle 80's and have been trying evrything umder the sun to find her-- Sue always liked my voice [talk about a nice compliment] and I have recorded a CD and would love her to have a copy-- any ideas? I am now living in Seattle--tried reaching Jack Halloran [ear training teacher at the same school] to find her but was saddened to learn that he had passed--
I think Sue will remember me-
can you contact her and let her know I am trying to find her?
thanks much ,Skye
206 340 4295

Skye Cantrell said...

Hi Bill--
I am a former student of Sue's when she was teaching at Groves in the middle 80s-- and I have made a cd and would love her to have a copy-- Sue always liked my voice [what a huge compliment] Tried to find her by contacting Jack Halloran but was saddened to hear he had passed-
any ideas? Skye Cantrell
206 340 4295