Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A faithful reader of this blog writes me this a.m.:

"And did you notice that the segment in the 11/28/2005 Letterman, the one about the coffee from Starbucks being pumped into the Ed Sullivan Theatre, is a parody of the climax of King Vidor's 'Our Daily Bread'?"

My response:

I'm not surprised. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am in awe of Letterman. Just so much in the great midwestern humorist trad of George Ade, Herb Shriner, et al. (And of Bob and Ray, Henry Morgan, Fred Allen, and so on and so forth.)

It is a measure of Letterman's brilliance, I think, that on those somewhat rare occasions when he has a NEWSMAKER on, that he is usually entirely serious and devoid of japery.

Last week he showed the now famous footage of Boosh trying to unsuccessfully open doors in China. Then said, "Talk about not having an exit strategy."

Yeah, I know he has someone write that stuff. But he's the one who does the genius hiring.

If only he didn't have on those demographic-skewing (allegedly) musical acts for the kiddies. i.e, Urban Sprawl, The Triffids, Martha Proud and the Birth of God, ad nauseum. 99% gar-bage.

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