Thursday, March 01, 2007

Start your engines!

And speaking of film, which I did in my previous entry, between (ahem) major assignments, I used to write material for a certain cable channel specializing in trivia questions for its viewers twixt feature presentations. (Hey! A guy's gotta eat!) Here's a batch of 'em that I womped up one month. Readers of this blog who email me the most correct answers (beyond five) between now and the following Wednesday will receive a free copy of the forthcoming (April 23) CD: World on a String: Pinky Winters Sings Sinatra Live in Tokyo. (see contest rules below)

1. The same year John Garfield made He Ran All the Way, he turned down the lead in what soon-to-be-filmed early 1950s classic?
A. Shane
B. From Here to Eternity
C. On the Waterfront

2. Which behind-the-scenes member of the creative team of Kenneth Branagh's 1989 Henry V also appeared in a small part in the film?
A. Producer Bruce Sharman
B. Composer Patrick Doyle
C. Production designer Tim Harvey

3. Appearing in a tiny, uncredited role in 1972's Hickey and Boggs is what future TV sereies star?
A. Roger E. Mosley
B. Don Johnson
C. Robert Urich

4. In the 1980s Robert Downey, Jr. lived (and was presumably consorting) with what actress?
A. Cynthia Stevenson
B. Greta (they're spectacularly real) Scacchi
C. Sarah Jessica Parker

5. What other film, aside from 1992's Honeymoon in Vegas, and made the following year, also hinged on the plot device of a man losing his wife in a game of chance?
A. Compromising Positions
B. Indecent Proposal
C. House of Cards

6. In the I'll-do-anything-to-continue-working sweepstakes, Oscar-winning Ray Milland went from appearing in (though a far cry from his TV series Meet Mister McNutley/McNulty) respectable little British films like 1966's Hostile Witness to, in 1972, a grind house epic about a bigot whose head is trasplanted onto a black man's body?
A. Transposed Heads
B. The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant
C. The Thing With Two Heads

7. What popular British comedy team starred in the seventh screen verson (this time as a spoof) of the Doyle classic, Hound of the Baskervilles?
A. Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
B. Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan
C. Monty Python's Flying Circus

8. Aside from 1967's Hour of the Gun, in what other film did James Garner portray Wyatt Earp.
1. Lawman
2. Sunset
3. Doomed at Sundown

9. Because of his connection with such veddy British phenoms as the Beatles and the Goons, director Richard Lester is presumed to be a loyal subject of the Queen. He was, in fact, born in:
A. Pittsburgh (when you're from Pittsburgh, you've got to do somethinggggg)
B. Montreal
C. Hamburg

10. What TV series star appears as a witch in 1965's How to Stuff a Wild Bikini?
1. Eve Arden
2. Elizabeth Montgomery
3. Marlo Thomas

Employees (or their family members or pets) of People-Vs-Dr-Chilledair are not eligible to enter. Entrants must answer at least five questions correctly in order to qualify for the grand (and, in fact, only) prize. In case of a tie, the email with the earliest "postmark" will be declared the winner. email entries should be sent to Deadline is next midnight March 7, a week from today. Put on your cogitation chapeau; good luck to all twelve of you; and may god have mercy on your souls.

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