Friday, June 22, 2007

Required viewing

I was going to write something here about Michael Moore's Sicko, but my good friend and constant traveling companion of the past 35 years beat me to it, and has said it all. . .here.

I've little to add except that. . .What an absolutely great film! I saw a screening of it last night. I fell out laughing---I really did----and I cried---that, too---and loved every minute of it. By turns mordant, slapstick-y, informative, thoughful, sensitive, angry, and muckraking, it is the best big screen experience I've had in years. But then I've not been out to the movies in years. Cell phone aversion, and multiple chemical sensitivity disorder (perfume, patchouli, etc.), ya know. But that's neither here nor there. AND, the first time I've heard the dread phrase "socialized medicine" in ages. That's what we usta call it before the euphemistic "universal health care" swept in to take its place. Come to think of it, I prefer the phrase, "socialized medicine" thankyouverymuch. VIVA LE REVOLUCION!
When, a couple of years back, I first learned of Moore's plans to make this film, I emailed him a missive detailing my long and painful experiences as a subscriber to HMO Kaiser Permanente, which included two false diagnoses of life-threatening ailments, and that's just for starters. Needless to say, everytime the Kaiser logo came on the screen---several times---I felt at least somewhat vindicated and relieved that finally someone was taking on that evil medical empire ("Kaiser is the Devil"). When the last legend on the screen flashed on. it was a special thanks to all those who'd sent him their U.S. health care horror stories. That was ME he was thanking. Right back atcha, Mike!

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