Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chacun a son gout

How could I have gone for 13 years without being aware of this extraordinary album by the---they are to be forgiven--- Christian vocal group, Glad? A masterpiece!

(Update) To which a reader later replied:

Ah yes, good ol' Glad. They will go down in history as one of the
first sugar-coated male vocal groups to closet themselves for nearly two decades. They literally have two identities; one as hymn singing upstanding christians, and the male peacocks of a cappella.

For that reason alone I cannot stomach them. That, and the fact that they tend to wear off after about two listens. But that's me.

I saw them attempt something Live in the early 90's and it fell flat, but that's true w/ most any "studio group" w/ the exception of the Hi-Lo's.

I'm glad you're glad. = ) Thanks for sending just the same.

Oh, well, I guess that's what makes horse races, chocolate and vanilla, ummm, diff'rent strokes, etc.

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