Friday, July 18, 2008

Great Minds Think Alike

Recently, an as-yet-unreleased CD by a singer-instrumentalist (not exactly a household name and who will remain nameless for the nonce) came across my desk, and he is simply fantastic at both singing, and playing the alto, soprano and tenor saxes. I phoned him up to convey my enthusiasm. He thanked me and then told me the following story:

He now lives in Vegas and about ten years ago received a phone call from Luciano Pavarotti's office requesting him to be the sole entertainer at L.P.'s birthday party in New York City.

"Why me?," Mr. X asked. "I've never even met the man."

"Oh, but he knows you. He's a big fan of yours. He used to come by. sit in the back, and see you perform often when you appeared at [such and such a club] in New York."

"Well, I don't live in New York anymore."

"That's alright. We'll fly you in."

And that is EXACTLY what happened. He was flown to New York and performed an hour-long show for Pavarotti, who afterward grabbed him by the shoulders and exclaimed, "MAESTRO!" I feel fully as enthusiastic toward this entertainer as did Luciano Pavarotti. Just listen to this guy play and sing! "Maestro," indeed.

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