Friday, March 27, 2009

Kurt Reichenbach CD Release Party

Tonight at 8 pm there'll be a CD release party for Kurt's new "live" CD. Guest performers include Pinky Winters, who's also on the CD, and the Hi-Lo's' Clark Burroughs. Now. . . how hip is that, I ask you?.

The album was recorded last year at SoCal's Hollywood Studio Bar and Grill and that's where the festivities will take place this evening. As for tonight's gig, as Kurt always likes to say, "Be there, or be square, OR you can be both."

Of all the many wonderful evenings of music that have transpired at HSB&G, this is the first CD recorded there. It also marks my CD debut. On it I say, "Ladies and Gentemen, the star of the evening. . .Mister Kurt Reichenbach." (I do pretty good, except we had to pro-tools out an "uhhh".)

I like to think of the production as "The Little CD That Could." The musicians had not even had the opportunity to rehearse with Kurt that night, and the proceedings were captured, with full mic-ing, but on one of those studio in a laptop affairs (Wally Heider's remote truck was otherwise disposed that evening). But the end result is quite remarkable. I'd be happy to have my name attached to it as co-producer even it hadn't turned out so nicely.

The official release date of SSJ Records' "With a Song in My Heart: Kurt Reichenbach 'Live' at the Hollywood Studio Bar and Grill" is April 15

note: I highly recommend reading one reader's comment to the previous post about King Pleasure!

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