Sunday, August 02, 2009

Track o' the Day

Hear here

The Air-Minded Executive
(Bernie Hanighen/Johnny Mercer)

Sung by Johnny Mercer

Life, Look, Pic, Peek always run a beautiful calf
And another thing they love
Is a certain photograph
That goes for Time, Tide, Newsweek, ev'ry editorial staff
Over a beer all agree
The man of the year
Was the air-minded executive
He dearly loves to fly
He was an up to date go-getter
His lady friend was even better
She went along to take a letter
Just to be nearby
The air-minded executive
Would take off on the sly
He was a most romantic fella
Oh the things he used to tell her
Above the roar of his propeller
Somewhere in the sky
Foggy or fair,they would be there
Meetin' a square at the airport
Fillin' the tanks
Callin' the banks tellin' 'em,
"Hold up the contract!" Contact!
The airminded executive became a wealthy guy

*(And) So he wed his secretary
They settled down in Waterbury
And they commute by stratos-ferry
My, they love to fly
Even as you and I


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David Brent Johnson said...

I love that track, Bill! It's on either the Mosaic Mercer or Freddie Slack Select, can't recall which right now, but I got a real kick out of it when I first encountered it.