Monday, February 22, 2010

Jazz singer Ruth Price on TV - 1958

And today, Price soldiers on---much like Mother Courage---in search of a new home for her long-running L.A. music venue, The Jazz Bakery. Introduced here by Bobby Troup. Kinescoped off of one of those old gasoline powered TVs. The bassist is Scott LaFaro.


jeroen said...

Ooh, thank you so much.
I bought the Johnny Smith album a few years ago, as one of my very first 'rare jazz singers collectoritems'.
Since then a big fan of Price, and I acatually like her even more now that I saw her perform.It's about time for a comeback, no?
Thank you!


Bill Reed said...

Somewhat ironically Ruth was at her jazz space, the Bakery, almost every night of the week announcing the acts, taking tickets, but I am not aware that she ever sang there. Not even sure if she fancies herself as a singer anymore. She sure was (is?) good, though.

canaanite said...

I have three of her CDs and think she's terrific. I've looked on You Tube to see if anything was posted there, and it's not, so I figured I'd never see what she was like on film. She's terrific--and better looking than her album covers suggest. Thanks for posting.

Jeroen said...

Well never been at the Bakery but the most recent work I heard from hear are a couple of songs on an Al Cohn tribute cd by Herb Geller(Herb Geller Plays the Al Cohn Songbook,Fresh Sound, 1994).Price sings three songs; "Mr. Music", "High On You" and "The Underdoug". The last song, instrumentally also known as "Ah Moore", Cohn wrote for his (first?)wife singer Marilyn Moore. I believe the linernotes included some words from Flo Handy, who was first married to arranger George Handy before she married Cohn. (But you probally knew that already)
I must say that I like Price's voice more on these three songs than on some of her earlier work, though I must admit that I'm only familiar with three of her earlier albums. Don't know if I express myself correctly as I say that it seems that her voice is smoother on the Geller album.


Robert Nauoks said...

Very nice clip. I'm just catching up with it as I'm about to do a segment on Ruth Price for my Short List series on KCCK88.3, a full-time jazz station in Cedar Rapids, IA. ( It was nice to see her; she had a strong clear voice then.

how to sing great said...

It is always nice to know that there are people who are so into this old stuff. They are great musical inspirations.