Monday, January 31, 2011


Moonlight in Vermont is one the few American lyrics that does not rhyme AND portions are pure haiku, including correct number of syllables (17) AND necessary seasonal references. Perhaps you already know that?  But maybe not.  I figured this out on my own a long time ago pre-internet. The lyricist, John Blackburn, died very recently (2006) at age 93.  I believe that this was his only hit lyric. But it probably earned him enough to live comfortably on.Singer Johnny Holiday once told me Blackburn wrote another terrific song, "She Doesn't Laugh Like You," but his is the only recording. Music by Benny Carter.

M in V: Beautiful song. One of my favorites.


Progress Hornsby said...

Dr. C,
Blackburn's "Susquehanna" is on Oscar Peterson's mostly vocal LP Soft Sands along with "I Never Left Your Arms" by our beloved Lew S. The only other hit record sans rhyme I come up with is Leiber and Stoller's "Stand by Me." Others?

An icy finger wave to you.
(Yes, I know what a finger wave is.)

jeronimo said...


PH what's an 'icy finger wave'???