Monday, March 11, 2013


March 4, 1926 – March 4, 2013

Update 3/16/2013 I was totally shocked (SHOCKED I say) that there was only a paid Fran Warren death notice in the NYT. I assumed that in a day or so an actual obit would run, but I guess I have too much faith in the so-called newspaper of record. I should wake up and smell the coffee: we are no longer living in a world where the original cast recording of "No Strings" remains on the Billboard Hot 100 for 274 weeks.

UPDATE #2: 3/19/2013 Publicist-producer Alan Eichler sprang into action, et voila. . .

. . .and in the Christian Science Monitor, Associated Press, Entertainment Weekly, etc. Maybe even the NYT.

Great, Alan! To hell with Lil Wayne and his seizures, and Lindsay Lohan and the prison sandwich they've named after her.

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