Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Fine Romance - a new radio show

Here is my one-hour pilot episode for a projected new program about "choice" singers you might never have heard before. ("Flo. . .who?")

Let me know your reaction.


Anonymous said...

I am thrilled by the chance to hear this. I will get you feed back.


Anonymous said...

Loved the show. More please!!! I especially like being introduced to great singers who you like but are either hard to find or long forgotten. thank you!!

Johnny USA

Anonymous said...

Great job, Bill. Hope there is more to come.

Fred from Boston

Buster said...

Bill - Great show with fine music. Particularly liked the shout out to Ronnie Deauville!

Don Dan said...


I found your "One shot" posts. I'm also interested with those singers.
Here are some more if you're interested... I have the albums if you want a listen...


Donna FULLER - My foolish heart - 1957 Liberty

Kathy BARR - Follow me - 1957 RCA

Eugenie BAIRD - Sings Duke's boys play - 1958 Design

Pat DAHL - We dig Pat Dahl - 1966 Audio Fidelity

Claudia THOMPSON - Goodbye to love - 1959 Edison

Helyne STEWART - Love moods - 1961 Contemporary

Lorry LAINE - Interlude - 1957 Advance

Gale ROBBINS - I'm a dreamer - 1957 RCA

Linda LAWSON - Introducing - xxxx Chancellor

Honi GORDON - Honi Gordon sings - 1962 Prestige

Tina LOUISE - It's time for Tina - 1957 Urania

Vicky LANE - I swing for you - 1959 RCA

Annita RAY - Slow glow - 1962 Ava

Don Dan said...

In fact, when I check my music, there is much more of those "one shot wonders" I love to discover.
Here are the covers of 70 of them...
Have fun.

Unknown said...

To "":

Thank you for the file of covers. Though many serious collectors may know alot of these, it always seems that a fan's list has at least one or even a few "new" unknown classics. It is nice to share this information.

The sad fact is that for every one of these fine singers who only got to make ONE record, there have been hundreds (or thousands) of incredible singers who never even made that first record.