Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Beverly Kenney re-masters

Just received SSJ Records' remasterings of Lonely and Blue, and Snuggled on Your Shoulder. Inasmuch as I am the credited re-issue producer, I obviously received comps. But really worth buying all over again if I had to. Especially nice is the de-essing on "Snuggled." For the "record," I had nothing to do with these re-do's. Thanks go to Yasuo Sangu of SSJ Records.


Anonymous said...

I don't have my discs in front of me, but didn't one of these have some extra bonus material later issued on a "CD-R only" version? I have that too, but wonder if that extra material is now included on the remastered CD.

What is "de-essing"?

Bill Reed said...

The later U.S. version of Snuggled had a few additional newly discovered tracks, BUT it was the same original Japan master. The new Japan Snuggled doesn't have those additional tracks but is exactly like the 2006 release only with great new sound. The U.S. Snuggled will not be reissued with the newly mastered tracks. De-essing means removal of sibilance on words with "S", i.e. removal of hissing which the original Japan version possessed somewhat. Probably thanks to some techonology thyat did not exist in '06. Hope this all makes sense.