Saturday, September 05, 2015


MOVE OVER DAISY CLOVER AND MAKE WAY FOR TODAY'S BIRTHDAY HONOREE, MARA LYNN BROWN (1943 - ) Here's a bio that I purloined from a youtube upload:
"""Mara Lynn Brown was born in Chicago in 1943. She was just-turned-sixteen, and an intense student of dance when the famous Maurice Chevalier accidentally discovered her amazing singing talent, during his brief appearance in Chicago's famed Empire Room. An evening out with her mother at a ringside table at Chevalier's personal appearance: the veteran showman soon spotted this young "Gigi" in the audience and was so taken with her gamin-like beauty that he called her on stage, and, despite her insistence that she was no singer, induced her to join him in a duet. Urged on, Mara next sang a solo and the audience broke into wild, cheering applause - and the birth of an exciting new singing star had come about! The years followed with engagements at some of America's top supper clubs, and television and radio appearances.""" . . . And suds of singles and two LPs from one of which comes this Previn-Previn song from "Inside Daisy Clover. Come to think of it, Brown's real life story isn't all that dissimilar from the fictional Daisy Clover. No time now to track her down, but here's hoping all continues to go well for Ms. Brown. Check out some of her other youtube tracks. They're reallll good. HEAR HERE

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