Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Disc 'o the Day - 8/3/05

Mariko Takahashi is a great, long-running music star in Japan. In her mid-fifties now, but really keeps up, as evidenced by "Koi Kotoba" a 1999 hit for her, arranged by the terrific Tomoji Sogawa. Just listen to all those synth squawks and burps way down (and sometimes not so way down) in the mix. And dig that crazy vocoder! The lyrics (Takahasi wrote the song) have something to do with Love (Koi) of Language (Kotoba)

Listen to "Koi Kotoba"
(link is for a limited time only). Takahashi's two-disc "Best of" is available at $44.99, and worth every penny of it! Though I must confess that I picked it up at my local BookOff for a tad less. . .say, oh, $6.99.

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