Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Divine DeWine

Yesterday my friend, jazz singer Melodye DeWine, rang me up to ask my thoughts about some ad copy that had been written for her new CD Nocturnal Velvet. She read the advert, and there was usage of the word "future" to which I took exception.

"Darling," I said, "the future is a thing of the past. Just like 'talent,' which, according to the immortal and (newly) late, great Hildegarde, is also a thing of the past." But you'd never know it from listening to Melodye's debut CD which finds her in the company of some of Hollywood's top musicians, including Llew Matthews, John B. Williams, Luther Hughes, Ralph Penland, Jeff Clayton, and national bop treasure Jack Sheldon, who is heard to excellent effect on several tracks on the CD, including
"Baby It's Cold Outside" .

There more info about the album, due out shortly, at Melodye's
website .

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