Thursday, August 17, 2006

Houston, we have lift-off!

This month is a bonanza one for me, for not only did I help get into print in Japan for the first time one of my desert isle discs, "Dick and Kiz Harp at the 90th Floor" but also a heretofore never-on-CD release from the same originating label, 90th Floor, "Mal Fitch's Mal/Content," and a previously unreleased session by the great Beverly Kenney. AND a CD on which I am the associate producer and with which I had the most hands-on involvement in this current batch of SSJ releases, Lincoln Briney's "Foreign Affair."

More information about it is now available at Lincoln's site: which just went LIVE this morning after, it seemed to me like, tweaking than it took to crack the Dresden Mayan Codex. Worth the wait, though.

As for the other SSJ releases this month, aside from Lincoln's, you can read all about it---in Japanese---here:

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