Friday, August 11, 2006

More Turley

By 1970 Bob Turley (see day before yesterday's entry) was no longer an on-air personality, but that didn't stop him, as station manager, from dropping into the control room and carrying on from time-to-time with whomever happened to be broadcasting. Here's a couple of minutes banter circa 1970 (courtesy of former WKAZ-er Johnny Goyen), between the great Turley and dee-jay Jay Jarrell on Charleston, WV radio station WKAZ. Outrageous! However on earth did they get away with it in my Bible Belt hometown? That's also Turley doing the Fratenity House comm'l at the end of the clip.

Not long ago I asked Bob:

ME: Do you still have a turntable?

His reply:

BOB: I never leave home without it.

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