Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Birthday felicitations to. . .

. . .the terrific Chicago singer, Dick Noel. His 80th!

And even though it's not your birthday (is it?), here's a present to you from Dick: a track from his truly great 1985 album, A Time for Love. Which I am happy to report, SSJ Records of Japan will be re-releasing later this year as part of its One Shot Wonders series. Hard to believe that despite Noel's extensive industry experience (thousands of commercials, numerous 45s, part ownership of Fraternity Records, Don McNeil's Breakfast Club, Tennessee Ernie, etc.), this is Dick's only album.

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Anonymous said...

Bill, thanks for the news about Dick's reissue CD, and for the download of the title tune. Dick sang on many of my jingle sessions in the seventies and eighties; it's a pleasure to hear him again.