Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Third Time Around

Today is jazz great Annie Ross' birthday. Here is an old post in honor of the occasions that is making its thirdThirdTHIRD big appearance here. . .along with an mp3 of an ultra-rare Ross track. I saw her perform last Fall in NYC. And even though she is old enough to be my mother in some highly fertile newly emerging Third World nation (I'm 66 so you kinda do the math), she remains what she's always been: One of the World's Great Beauties. Still sounds good, too!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Reed! Remember me from Dustyland? Long time no email. Glad to find your blog. I just read your Annie Ross post. I always mention Annabella Logan's redition of "Loch Lomond" whenver she comes up in conversation. What a career, eh?

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