Friday, July 27, 2007

The Wrong Stuff

Astronaut: "10-8-9-7-4 (hic!) 3-1-2."

Mission control: Liftoff.

Astronaut: Whatever (hic).

Even better than the the recent case of the deranged, diapered, love-scorned astronautess.

Yesterday's revelation of the potted space cadets brings additional meaning to the phrase "getting high" and suggests the possibility of a new NASA job category of designated astronaut. Or a new space drink, the Neely O'Hara, made from Tang and vodka garnished with a false eyelash? Breath-a-lizer tests before flights? Howzabout a chapter of AA on the moon?

The BushCo years. Aren't these just the bestest of times evvvvver?

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