Sunday, August 26, 2007

A word to the wise

For several days running I've had a serious problem with my PayPal account. For those happy few of you unfamiliar with PayPal, it's a service which allows you to pay over the internet to sellers who don't have credit card accounts. Recently, I sold some goods (original Soundies actually) and accumulated a fairly large balance in my account, but due to a screw-up on the other end, i.e. at PayPal, I can no longer log into said account. And even when I finally was able, after several days of automated phone hell, to speak to a somewhat seeming human being, and then, eventually to a half-dozen more PayPal androids (supervisors, techies, et al) they were not able to solve the log-in problem. The final party that I spoke with told me that they would transfer the funds to my bank account, but thus far they have not.

As for the log-in problem, the final PayPal pronunciamento was that I should keep trying to log-in and maybe they might be able to eventually solve the problem. Yeah, sure! And I was not able to close my account, because one could only do so via the process of logging in to do so. I couldn't believe my ears. Today, PayPal. Tomorrow, the California Department of Consumer Affairs. When I alluded to the PayPal rep that I was contemplating just such a next move, she advised me to "Go right ahead." Might as well have added, "See if I care."

PayPal: a handy service until a snafu arises. Just remember to always have a spare day or two held in abeyance for voice mail runaround, and a snifter of brandy, or better yet, a bottle of tranquilizers at the ready for just such an eventuality.

PayPal is the devil.

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