Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Diva Detective Strikes Again

I was watching the Benny Program last night and caught Pretty, Perky Peggy King (Rudofker) singing a song I'd never heard before. Not that I've heard every song ever written. But this one, "This is Where Love Walks Out, Brother" was slightly better than average---I esp. liked the "Brother" part) and I decided to do a bit of research on it. Here's what I learned.

Curiously, King seems to have never recorded the song, or if she did, it went unreleased. There was one recording, however, by the fine Miss Fran Warren on RCA in the mid-fifties. . .about the time King appeared on the aforementioned Benny Program. Another anomoly. . .Note that Jack always called it a "Program" and not a "Show" unlike just about all others on TV at the time.

Pre-Google, it woulda probably taken me at least a trip downtown to the li-bare-y to unlock the riddle of the writer, listed on the net simply as "Burns." But a bit more creative Google-ry (these are my little secrets) and I discovered her to be one Jeanne Burns, who has a lot of songs to her her credit, the only one of which is familiar to me, though, is "The Lady With the Fan," sung by Cab Calloway. I wonder if she's the same Jeanne Burns who sang with Adrian Rollini's group in the 1930s? That's one I wasn't able to crack even with the help of Google. For that, I just might need to journey down to Bladerunner-ville.

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