Monday, February 18, 2008


Alas, it's not a Page gig I'm writing about here. Instead, certified national treasure, pianist-singer Page Cavanaugh is back in the hospital after yet another spill and fracture. Those old bones -- Page is 86 -- just don't heal so well after a certain time in life. Fortunately, he has a keyboard in his room and so I might take a tape recorder when I visit him this afternoon and capture an album entitled: "Page Cavanaugh Live From Rehab." Or not.

If anyone wishes to send him a get well card, here is his address:

Page Cavanaugh
c/o Valley Palms Rehabilitation Center
13400 Sherman Way
North Hollywood, CA 91605

BTW his friend Larry Novak is still working on getting Page his well-deserved star on the H'wood Walk o' Fame.

And another fine singer-pianist, Joyce Collins. is also hors de combat right now. She needs help and support and I believe that an evening is being planned for her in the near future at L.A.'s Jazz Bakery. Further details to be posted here soon.

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egy said...

Thanks for the update on Page Cavanaugh's condition. I'll send him a card!
TONY RIZZI, singer
POB 2549,
Mill Valley CA 94942