Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dave Lambert natalfest

Today is the birthday of proto-hipster/bopster Dave Lambert. If still alive, he'd be reallll old, but probably still swinging. In honor of the occasion, let's grab a ride on the Waybackkkk Machine to 11/25/07 on this blog and a day that I proclaimed Dave Lambert Day . If the passel o' tracks there hasn't whet your appetite for Sounds Lambertian, here then are even a few more.

All Alone (from Sing Along With D.L.)

Deedle (w/Buddy Stewart & Charlie Parker)

In the Still of the Night (Charlie Parker w/ D.L. Singers)

Lullaby of the Leaves (Mel Torme w/ D.L. Singers)

And if that still isn't enough, take a gander at an LH&R clip I uploaded to youtube last year.

And if that isn't enough, I'd suggest that you try and get out more often!


Anonymous said...

Wayback Machine? --- It has to go some to catch up with Sandy Becker's Flybybadiber.

Cloud9 said...

Loved 'em! Molto grazie! -- JanH

Anonymous said...

what? No L & Co. video?

Bill Reed said...

I tend to steer clear of uploading in-print material which the Lambert and Company vid is albeit a tad pricey.