Friday, February 25, 2011

Marsha Sings!

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For several years, before Hollywood beckoned, actress Marsha Hunt's chief source of income was singing on the radio. Ironically, after being brought to Hollywood in 1934 by Paramount Pictures, despite the massive amount of work in every possible field, not just films, but also Broadway, radio, TV (Star Trek), Marsha only sang publicly one lone time, and that was in the MGM movie, Unholy Partners. The irony here is that the vehicle is not a musical, but a drama about the newspaper world. Also, unusual for a film like this, Marsha gets to sing an entire number, and with only one brief dialogue cutaway. I've had the pleasure of being with Marsha at performances by singers. Her face lights up, and she simply can't take her eyes off of them. Loves the stuff.

I remember seeing Marsha Hunt on a Soupy Sales network special in the early 1970s. She was quite the "game girl." No pie in the kisser, though.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bill.

Not related, but I saw a few films with the actress Ida Lupino doing some fine singing. "The Man I Love" is one film. I'm not aware of any records that Ida Lupino made, bootleg, or otherwise. Are you aware of any?

Bill Reed said...

SSJ has a new Sue Raney. I produced it BTW. You can see some of the details below and ALL the info at (news(, and I believe there's another Carole Simpson. And talk about some other releases that I am not at liberty. . ..