Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh, Johnny, Oh!

Yesterday, I happened across this remarkable Johnny Hartman clip on youtube. Inasmuch as there is so little video available of this inarguably legendary singer, this is a major find. It is believed to be from a 1983 Jonathan Schwartz TV show. Probably a local New York affair. If Jonathan had the good taste and sense to book Hartman (no surprise) one wonders what other such treasures might be lurking around in his vault. Lee Wiley anyone? The good soul who uploaded this to youtube does not want it to be embedded on other sites, such as this one. But you're only one click away. Here.

In a 1992 issue of Japanese Esquire there's an article to the effect that: Is there a case for Coltrane and Hartman's "Lush Life" being not just the greatest jazz vocal album of all time, but, extra-sub-categorically, the flatout best jazz album ever? Hmmmmmm....

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