Sunday, March 20, 2011

Deep Doctor C.

My understand­ing is that U.S. nuclear agencies initially offered their support to Daiichi.. . .IN TURNING THE PLANT INTO A PARKING LOT. I never saw news of this on American TV, but it was reported on the Japanese internet. And that is why U.S. assistance was, at first, rebuffed. Tepco obviously wanted to gamble on saving billions of dollars worth of investment at the price of what will clearly end up being the loss of hundreds of thousands of Japanese (and where else?) lives in the long run. If world powers can get it together to sufficient­ly bomb Libya into oblivion, I can't understand why they can't also stand together and force the powers-tha­t-be in Japan to shut the nuclear plant down for good. . .before it is too late. Time is running out. The buck stops "somewhere­": in Japan and whoever is finally responsibl­e for this ever-growi­ng disaster should seriously be contemplat­ing ritual seppuku at this juncture..

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