Sunday, April 07, 2013

The next big thing?

Jacob Collier is a mere 17 years old. He also sings straight ahead standards and plays first rate jazz piano and bass. (Cute, too.) When I first checked him out on youtube at the suggestion of a friend, it seemed somewhat improbable to me that the culturally bereft U.S. was any longer capable of turning out young talent of the first water like this. A bit of googling disclosed to me that I was---alas and perhaps---correct. Collier is London-based.

There are approx. 15 clips of him on youtube, including a couple of duets with his mother who plays excellent jazz violin. My guess is that he will be able to blow Justin Bieber, JayZ et al and their ilk out of the water in the near future. No CD yet, but even as I write this post, I would surmise that a management team is working overtime to figure out the best way to launch Collier.

This cheers me up!

3 comments: said...

Wow! How great a sound and how talented. Thanks for sharing his music and story.

kiken said...

I enjoyed it. Thanks!

Bill Reed said...

Jack Jones is including a rear-screen blowup of Collier singing in his upcoming U.S. tour.