Saturday, September 28, 2013

Thought for the day

Call me old-fashioned, BUT. . .When history is writ large, it will turn out that not even global warming will have had such a deliterious effect on humankind as cell phones, blackberries, iphones, and their ilk. Not only do they destroy human thought and interaction, kill language and communication, cause massive freeway pileups, induce cancer and kill bees, but god knows what else. Just ask Louis ("Pootie Tang") C.K. I've got a cheapocheapo one in my pocket turned off that I use maybe a couple of times a month in place of disappeared payphones (Bring 'em back.) And. . .that's it! When I hear a customer in Trader Joe's ring up someone just to ask, "Should I get one or two?," I go into a blind rage. GET TWO, you braindead schmuck AND throw away the phone!

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