Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fallen between AND beneath the cracks. . .

Singer Bob Ellis was a fairly well-known entertainer circ 1945-1970, especially in the Virgin Islands where he owned and operated the high end St. Thomas Club. He performed there as well. Also played piano. Made a number of nice recordings. . .most of them on his own label. The one heard here was co-written and produced by the excellent singer Bob Haymes, Dick Haymes' brother. It is arranged by Hugo Montenegro  and recorded at a pricey New York Studio in the mid-1950s. The orch contains 40-some players. Ellis was also a society figure of sorts having  been married to the heiress to the Dodge Motors fortune from 1951-'55. Lots of Winchell-Kilgallen coverage of their rocky marriage. Don't know whatever happened to Ellis post-seventies. By no means a jazz singer, still he belts nicely. Good legit "sound."

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