Wednesday, April 09, 2014

re: Alex Hribal

I would like to see a wide-ranging law passed whereby the parents of minors, like the mass slasher today in Pittsburgh, are charged with attempted murder and put on trial and charged with the crime instead of the kid. The minor would the "only" be kept in a mental facility until if and when it was determined that they no longer were considered a threat to society. And I'm not just talking about a few years.

I've recently become familiar with the phrase "helicopter parents" to describe parents who hover and, seemingly, spend too much time overseeing the actions and well-being of their kids. Well. . .I'd say better that than this. The parents didn't even bother to show up at Hribal's bail hearing. Allegedly known for making earlier death threats to other students, do you suppose the breeders who created him even bothered to take the time to get him some psychiatric attention? Probably not. "Don't worry, honey, I'm sure it's just a phase Alex is going through. . . .call me when you're through shopping."

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