Sunday, January 21, 2007


Pages and pages in the current Rolling Stone devoted to the recent demise of Atlantic Records head Ahmet Ertegun, and exactly ONE SENTENCE devoted to their vast and influential jazz catalogue. Just the same old same old litany of kozmic kid music superstars. Oh well, it did at least acknowledge the existence of the extra-generically sui generis Ray Charles. Of the writer, who shall remain nameless, I can only invoke the immortal words of the great Bugs Bunny, "What a marroon!"

Nice final days footage of Jackie Paris singing "Tis Autumn" on youtube from Raymond DeFelitta's film of the same name.

Check this guy out!

Just heard Scooter Libby referred to on the terebi as LOUIS Scooter Libby. But there is no Louis Libby; both Scooter and Louis were invented to cover up the fact of his real name. . .IRVINGGGGGGG. ( Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

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