Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Diana Ross CD

Not exactly the Great American Songbook, but I find myself somewhat taken with this new CD of pop power ballads by Diana Ross, "I Love You," released in the U.S. today (it's been out in the U.K. since the fall). I was especially impressed with the arrangements. I was unfamiliar with the name of the arranger/conductor Gregory Rose. So I did a bit of net research on him and was fascinated to learn that he is, apparently, an esteemed personage from the world of classical music who, until now, if my Googlin' is accurate, has never been involved with a pop project before. Now, isn't that interesting?

Another interesting aspect of ILY is Ross' offbeat choice of Harry Nilsson's beautiful "Remember," as the linchpin of her new CD. I must confess to not being the world's most rabid Ross fan. Just a casual onlooker. But I fearlessly predict that ILY will easily hit number one on most charts that matter. And in so doing will strike a much-needed blow for thoughtful and intelligent record-making everywhere. To put it mildly, Ross ain't no rappa.

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