Monday, January 29, 2007

It's BK's b'day!

Today is Beverly Kenney's birthday (she was born in 1932). When I began this blog a few years back, among the first things I wrote about was the serious lack of knowledge about the life and career of this great artist. At the time, there was scarcely a scrap of information in English about her on the net. In Japanese?, well that's another story. As a result of this blog, I have received an enormous amount of mail regarding Kenney. Just today, in fact, a long email from a family member. There is still much to know and understand, but it's a start.

In honor of the occasion I'm uploading a couple of rare Decca singles, "Your Love is My Love", and "The Magic Touch". These commercial tracks hardly represent her finest musical hour, but for those hardy Kenney completists amongst you, here they are.


roberto t. said...

Thank you for these precious notes and thank you for these two songs, but "My Love Is Your Love" does not work at all (page not found). It would be wonderful if you could fix it. All the best, Roberto

roberto t. said...

for those who care: the right link of the first tune is