Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ronnie Deauville CD?

I would be interested in hearing from readers of this blog regarding the possibility of compiling a private issue CD of the best of the numerous non-collected sides recorded by singer Ronnie Deauville (as has already been suggested by one correspondent). I would be happy to help co-ordinate such an undertaking. It is also possible that I might be able to help secure a commercial CD release of Ronnie's "Smoke Dreams" album. In all likelihood the master tape of this LP would be difficult to come by. If the CD had to be mastered from existing LP copies, as a rule of thumb, are the red vinyl issues of the album better? Contact me privately with any thoughts or info at:

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Anonymous said...

Sign me up for the private CD!
I'll try to get some time to look at my copies of the Smoke Dreams LP. I don't recall which was the best copy. My understanding is that the tremendous sales of the LP were not related to the sexy cover (many records had sexy covers!), but by a big sympathy push on television. There were many pressings, and in the rush, some very low grade materials were used. A mint copy may not sound as good as a beat up copy from a different pressing.

Ronnie is definitely a MSDWA (Male Singer Deserving Wider Attention). It would also be good to gather everything written about him. If memory serves me right, he went to Hollywood High School and also had a very talented sister.

I'll get back in touch.