Thursday, November 20, 2008

Whither Corky?

Does any regular reader of this blog---and you know who you are---or any Googler who might have stumbled upon this page, have any information regarding 1950s Chicago singer Corky Shayne? I recently contacted musician Johnny Pate who arranged her lone album, "In the Mood for a Song?" But he remembers nothing. Nor does Mort Hillman, who owned the label, Salem, and produced the album. I'm a bit younger than both of these chaps, but quite frankly the 50s are a bit of a blur to me as well. That being the case, I'm turning to you, dear reader, to ask if you might have any recollection or info regarding Shayne


Anonymous said...

I just found out about this release from your blog and on another site with Johnnie Pate's early discography.

Is there anyway to obtain this?
Or even to listen?

Anonymous said...

To be released mid-October and available from:

Jeroen said...

Oe, can't wait to hear more about this one. Is it already released? or cancelled? Can't find it on the net...

Btw here's an album that I just accidentally found on the net;
Tenderly: Norene Tate
Elektra EKL 113 (Mono) EKS 7113 (Stereo) - Released: 1957
Production: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Leonard Ripley
Side 1

After My Laughter Came Tears
Sometimes I'm Happy
One For My Baby
Side 2

The Wail
Come By Sunday
I Cover The Waterfront
I Was Doing All Right
Every Now And Then
I've Had My Moments

Also available in Stereo as EKL 113-X and EKL 213-X, and on stereo tape (EL7-1 BN). Norene Tate is accompanied by Al Hall bass, Isaac Royal piano and Sonny Greer drums, brushes

I'm very very very curious about it.
Do you know it? Ever heard it?
Maybe an item to include in the 'one Shot Wonders' series?