Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Leslie and Gerard

Much like the late, but deeply unlamented Hermann Goering tended to reach for his revolver whenever he heard the word "culture," a phrase that really sets me off is "support the music." As in "I'm going out tonight to The Thirteenth Step Bar and Grill to hear my friend Landa Goshen and... SUPPORT THE MUSIC."

So call me old-fashioned, but I always thought that people went out to HEAR music they were interested in, and that SUPPORT had nothing to do with it. Which brings me to the subject at hand, singer Leslie Lewis and pianist Gerard Hagen. I have heard them on recordings, specifically their recent release on Japan's SSJ Records, "Of Two Minds," but not had the chance to see them perform "live." Their stomping grounds tend to be SoCal's Orange County, and to the best of my knowledge, they've never before breached the Orange Curtain to perform here in the environs of Los Angeles. They have a regular performing schedule "down there," so there's really not much reason for them to leave their OC home base to venture out into the vast unknown of big, bad L.A.

I really love their new CD, plus I have it on good authority that they are absolutely killer in person. So on the 12th of June when they appear at the Hollywood Bar and Grill (in H'wood, CA natch) I'll be there to HEAR them, (not SUPPORT them) and to find out what all the shouting is about. If they're as good in person as on recordings, I'm in for a real treat. Maybe some other Southern Californians who read this blog might also like to give it a shot.

Leslie and Gerard will be aided and abetted by Jeff Littleton bass, Jerry Kalaf drums, Chuck Manning sax.

Parking at the HSB&G is ample and free, and the music starts at 8 pm. With a $10.00 entertainment charge and a dinner or two drink minimum, this long-running intime boite is a true bargain in these increasingly parlous economic times.

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perry said...

Hey Bill - I agree with you about "support the music," which implies that it's moribund, the object of charity not enjoyment.

It's like pedestrian malls. You know a city has lost its soul when it has to resort to such ploys in order to attract people to it, a la the "new" Forty-second Street.