Monday, June 08, 2009

Track o' the Day

Here’s a track by my friend, songwriter-singer Melodye Condos. Not quite, as they say, "close enough for jazz," but still really wonderful.

Melodye writes and sings in a wide variety of styles and genres. This particular cut, "You Never Know," was done, maybe twenty years ago, for an unreleased album. She has since hung up her singing hat but is still writing and, also, trying to get others to record her songs. Too bad that the late, great Eva Cassidy never wrapped her lungs around this one. Nevertheless, Melodye does quite nicely by her own material, in this case, her song, “You Never Know.” If anyone reading this has a professional interest in this or, perhaps, others of her songs, please contact me at

Here's another performance by Melodye that I posted earlier this year. Obviously not her own material, but a killer “take” on this standard. The pianist is arranger-composer Pat Williams.

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