Thursday, June 11, 2009


Singer Beverly Kenney 's copy of Billie Holliday's (sic) 78 rpm "Any Old Time" b/w "The Man I Love" on the, uh, Sentry label (and you thought that record bootlegs were a relatively recent phenom.)


Anonymous said...

Please tell us more about this...did Beverly have a collection that survived? What other records? Lineage of this copy for the last 50 years?

Bill Reed said...

A friend of Beverly's has become a friend of mine. From time to time he gives me some things of hers that were in his possession when she died. In my case, records, including an ancient 10" Stan Getz Roost LP and also some of her Kimbo educational dance instruction 78s (one of which is signed!). AND the Billie Holiday 78in question.