Thursday, October 01, 2009

Schadenfreude for supper

Ramblin' opportunistic, neo-schizophasic, be-dreaded film crit Elvis Mitchell is apparently in deep dreck with the IRS and has just been slapped with a lien by them for approximately a half a million dollars.

Here's a comment I posted yesterday on the L.A. Weekly web site where I first came across the story:

Aeons ago, I worked with Evil Slime Letch (a close enough anagram) in a ticket booth at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. (Hey. . .a girl's gotta eat!) Even then, his on-the-make modus operandi made Anne Baxter in "All About Eve" seem positively altruistic by comparison. He wanted IT in the worst possible way. Now, it looks like he might have to give a whole bunch of moolah back; but at least he made a lot of bread in exchange for all his trouble. Even his heroine, Pauline Kael, probably didn't make THAT much!

I once asked him if his birth name was "Elvis." He changed the subject mighty quickly.

Kiss kiss.

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