Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Beggar's Holiday

1. InBetween
(Alfred Drake)
2. I've Got Me
(Alfred Drake)
3. Take Love Easy
(Bernice Parks)
4. I Wanna Be Bad
(Avon Long)
5. When I Walk With You
(Alfred Drake & Jet MacDonald)
6. The Scrimmage of Life
(Alfred Drake)
7. Ore From a Gold Mine
(Dorothy Johnson & Alfred Drake)
8. Tooth and Claw
(Alfred Drake)
9. The Wrong Side of the Railroad Tracks
(Marie Bryant & Avon Long)
10. Brown Penny
(Mildred Smith)
11. Lullaby for Junior
(Bernice Parks)
12. InBetween
(Libby Holman)

Demo recording cut prior to 12/26/46 opening

Download available for 48 hours only. Hear here.

1 comment:

Thor said...

I hate I missed out on this. I love Duke Ellington and I'm always interested in a Bernice Parks rarity!