Sunday, May 09, 2010

David Allyn Rarities

1. It never entered my mind
2. Wait till you see her
3. It can't be wrong
4. When love comes
5. Forgetful
6. I only have eyes for you
7. Blue echoes
8. Picnic in the wintertime
9. Penthouse serenade
10. You're a bad influence on me
11. Far far away (w/ Kaye Ballard)
12. I worship you
13. Since I kissed my baby goodbye

Download available for next 48 hours only.

Read a 2009 interview with David Allyn here


Anonymous said...

Wonderful: thanks. I wonder if you have any other rare Marie Bryant stuff you could post. I saw her in a movie ("They Live by Night") the other day and was really awestruck.

Jeroen said...

Thank's!I start to like this guy more and more...
'Forgetful' is one of my favorite ballads and this version is new to me!
Marie Bryant appeared in 'Jammin' the Blues' by Gjon Mili and Norman Granz and in a soundie of 'Bli-blip' together with another wonderful singer; Paul White.
She was also a choreographer/danceteacher in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful music.
I'm just curious... are this tracks from singles, or from various albums?

Bill Reed said...

the first 8 tracks are from boyd raeburn 78s, penthouse is an allyn (i.e. allen 78 on Atomic), the last tracks are from ben bagley presents albums.

Dexter de Sah said...

Did his name revert back to the Allen spelling for Everest Records?

Bill Reed said...

To the best of my knowlege "Allen" on the cover of the Everest happened before Allyn had changed the spelling of his last name.