Monday, May 17, 2010

Clark Burroughs Fund

Clark's beloved Claudia died on April 8th. Yesterday afternoon in L.A., many of his friends gathered together to give him a collective hug. Clark sang, and he was was also serenaded by members of L'Arc, the vocal group he founded a few years back. His voice remains unchanged over the years. As astonishing in its durability as that of famed Russian bass, Mark Reizen.

I would hazard that just about every living L.A. group singer was on hand yesterday for Clark. And quite a few solo artists as well. If the proverbial "they" had dropped a bomb on the place---heaven forfend---the act would have wiped out four-part vocal harmony from the planet.

I'm thinking that someone should start up an effort to get the Hi-Lo's, the inarguably legendary vocal group of which Clark was a part, their very own U.S. postal stamp. Hey! Don't look at me. I said someone.

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