Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Be Frank with Fay

Album does not have tracks, but the "songs" are:
Tea for Two
Stairway to the Stars
You Took Advantage of Me
This Love of Mine
Blue Room
Everything I Have is Yours
They Can't That from Me
How About You

All but completely forgotten today, Frank Fay was one of the biggest and longest running acts in show biz. This recording consists of song parodies, at one time a staple in the vaudeville that Fay started out in. Can't exactly explain why, but this 1950 album, corny as all get out, still has always managed to kinda amuse me. What can I tell you? I laugh easily!

Hear here. Download available for next 48 hours.


Thea said...

Great Stuf, thank you

Anonymous said...

Would you take 88 cents?

Thea said...

Thank you