Sunday, August 08, 2010

FF mock 22

I saw the most recent configuration of the Four Freshmen "live" tonight here in L.A. These particular FOUR have worked together for nine years, and essentially the same group has been together for 18 years. If they come within 500 miles of where you live---make that a thousand---run, don't walk. Like dying and going to heaven.

They are still overseen by surviving original Freshman, Bob Flanigan. Here are four equally talented (as the originals) young-ish guys singing the exact same arrangments (and new material too) but with their own unique voices. I am at a loss for words. Give me a day or two. I'm verklempt. One of the most successful touring acts on the jazz circuit worldwide. Well deserved.


Anonymous said...

I just did a radio special on the Four Freshmen, using the Mosaic box. Many callers were just getting introduced, and loved their sound.


MrsHenryWindleVale said...

Wasn't Cahn the man who, during "North by Northwest" MGM days, produced a lyric for Hitchcock titled "The Man In Lincoln's Nose"?

One gets the feeling that Cahn could produce a lyric about Literally Everything -- including Chrystlers.

As always, Bill, thank you.