Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Honey. . .I Mean Jeri

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There is no "Honey Swanson." What you have here is the moving image of Virginia Mayo; the ghostesSING of the terrific but nonetheless obscure Jeri Sullavan, backed by the Page Cavanaugh trio from a certain movie of the late 1940s (you do the "math"). The song is "Daddy-O" by the wonderful team of Don Raye and Gene De Paul. But Sullivan's real claim to fame is that she co-wrote Andrews Sisters anthem Rum and Coca-Cola. If she were still alive today on her birthday, she'd be collecting royalties on the song at the grand old age of 86.


advancedpoetx said...

Listen to more songs:

Rat Pack Visitor said...

This song is truly awesome as is the singer. I have been singing this ever since I heard it on youtube. Thank you for posting. Any photos of Jeri available?