Sunday, March 27, 2005


I am writing this from a Kinko's somewhere in the wilds of Mallville, USA

Due to a major meltdown of my pc, I probably won't be posting much here in the next week or so. Four hours on the phone to Windows' Yogi in India semed to have solved the problem at first, but after hanging up, when I restarted pc, all went even more haywire.

The error messge I NOW get on my own pc reads as follows: "a required DLL file was not found, c:\windows\system\wapi.dll was not found"; then, "error loading exe. you must reinstall windows." As far as I am aware, reloading Windows would wipe entire everything, so.....

I will be taking Mr. PC to the shop (comp usa?) within the next few days, meanwhile, if anyone has any thoughts regarding a solution, It would be nice to hear from you at


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