Saturday, March 05, 2005

Found Objet

Excavated 3/5/05 Oblivion Towers USA Posted by Hello

Mr. Horace T. Frogge
Station KDVL
"The Voice of Silent Gospel"
Fresno, Calif.

April 6

Dear Horace,

Heres the list you wanted of the boys to send the free cheese spears and the salami wheels to. You will remember that these is those same boys in the band of "Red Greenbacks and His Blue Boys" which was kind enough to appear free on your telethon last Saturday A.M. (Right at the time when it got real confusing!) The songs called "C'mon Jesus," "Switchblade Pitchforks," "The Bad News," and "Square Dance" was all written by a boy from your own town named Phil Austin (who has promised to use them to record in Hollywood soon. We plan to hold him to it, and you too so BEWARE!) No, seriously, Hor, I'm just kidding, but Look Out, if you know what I mean. Send that stuff along. Heres the list:

Vocal: Phil Austin
Bass: Charles Larkey
Drums, Washboard: Joe Vaccaro
Piano: Skip Edwards
Steel Guitar, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Banjo: Donald Beck
Accordian: Pete Jolley
Fiddle: Bobby Bruce
Background vocals: Oona Elliott, Lesley Gore.
Arranged: Norman Kurban
Produced: Michael Sunday
Engineered, at the Record Plant in Hollywood, by Michael Stone
(All songs Gibbous Music, ASCAP)

So lets go, turkey. Were waitin and were bound to get a job near Fresburg soon in Pinedale or Chowchilla and well all come over and well, you know what I mean, I was the guy in the plastic suit in the parking lot, remember? (Look out!)

Manny Thephato
Manager of the band, "Red Greenbacks and His Blue Boys."

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oona said...

This is a handout that went into the packaging of my album Roller Maidens from Outer Space in 1974. We recorded the songs so late that we didn't make the cover art. Stupid. Nice bunch of musicians and Oona and I got married and still are.

Phil Austin