Friday, March 18, 2005

Cat Blog Friday #7

Posted by Hello

Here is Kuro with the Japanese good luck charm, maneki neko, i.e. maneki = inviting, neko = cat. Traditionally, the kitty with its left paw raised brings in business, and ones with the right paw beckoning bring in money. You could drop me down anywhere in urban Japan with my eyes closed and when I opened them and looked around I would espy some variant of a maneko neko. They are everywhere. Come to think of it, why don't you just do that, i.e. drop me down in Japan. . .anywhere.

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TheaLogie said...

Is that the origin of the "Hello Kitty" craze?

PS VERY kewt kittin.

oldwhitelady said...

The black kitty knows which paw to raise. Cute picture.